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Individual sessions 
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Veet Mano has been leading groups and giving sessions for the past 26 years.
He is very well known also at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Poona, India, and a very popular session givers.

His work with the lower back and neck and spine involves some traditional techniques, and also new techniques, which he has personally developed.
The work with the lower back, neck and spine is an effective way to bring us back flexibility, freedom of movement, while eliminating or reducing pain.

Veet Mano is well known for his work on the spine in many countries.  People like his unique holistic approach that along with his hands on work guides them towards a much bigger freedom of movement and healthy feeling.

Additional individual sessions Veet Mano gives now in Poona and other countries include:

  • Lower and Upper Back Session
  • Neck and Shoulder Release
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Massage for Relaxation and Energy
  • Fixing Scoliosis
  • Breathing and Emotional Release work to open more energy and give a younger more healthy feeling to the body
  • Emotional Freedom to balance emotions and give a new freedom and Vitality inside
  • Energy Clearing Bodywork
  • Session about health Problems, Solutions to Health Problems and the Healthy Diet
  • Counseling and Energy Session (for couples and individuals)
  • Freedom from addictions food, alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling
  • Solving energetic problems, work, low energy, transforming the depressed state, and creating much more energy in life.

Veet Mano graduated with High Honour from Michigan State University in 1978. He was among the Top Twenty Athlete Scholars. He majored in Environmental Education and was always interested in helping Humanity and the Earth in Many Dimensions. Shortly after graduating, Veet Mano also worked at the Listening Ear (A crisis centre where he could help people in different kinds of crisis situations get a direction and a new focus in life).

In the past 25 years, Veet Mano has been working with groups and individuals teaching, doing therapy and healing work in many different countries (including United States, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Uruguay, China, Russia, England, Greece, India, Taiwan, Lithuania, Argentina, Taiwan, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey and Israel).

One of Veet Mano’s big focuses is on energy work and some of the other courses Veet Mano teaches include:

  • Emotional Freedom
  • Work with Breathing
  • Chakra Opening
  • OSHO Meditations & Opening Vitality
  • Couple and Family Relationship.

Veet Mano is very good at supporting people at developing a love, understanding, and enthusiasm for Meditation and Personal Transformation.
Veet Mano also works with soft healing techniques including:

  • The Energy Healing Circle,
  • Body Care and several other processes.

Having meditated so many years with OSHO, has given Veet Mano a certain rapport and understanding which becomes apparent during his group work and individual sessions.
Veet Mano has been a Sannyasa since 1978. Having received Sannyas from OSHO in October of 1978.

Listen about Veet mano here: järgnevast R2 saatest Hallo Kosmos

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