Earth and Heaven Welfare Center is made to support You on Your path.
We encourage You to grow and look for the better tomorrow by offering wonderful therapies and professional therapists from Estonia and abroad.

Lets create together enjoyable future!

Individual counseling is to support You and help to find Your way in this life.
It is time to make your questions to get helped.
Make a difference already today!

August 8, from 6pm till 8.30pm
September 12, from
 6pm till 8.30pm
AUM meditation gives you the experience of deep relaxation, free yourself from stress and restore the joy of life!

August 14th from 7pm till 9pm
in Crystal Temple NEW!

If you have any interest or desire to learn about shamanism, this is a brilliant opportunity to receive and learn from a place of healing rather than learning.

August 17th – 19th
in Crystal Temple

Shamanism is considered to be the oldest and most powerful form of spiritual healing known, dating back to over 50,000 years. This training experience is the path towards making changes in your life previously considered impossible.

August 24th – 26th
in Crystal Temple

The shamans drum is for anyone who wishes to refine their connection to the drum and fully integrates its potency as a shamanic healing tool.

Are You ready to live Your full potential and accomplish Your deepest callings?

If the answer is yes, Modern Mystery School programs are for You!

November 24, from 10am till 5pm
Have you ever dreamt about your own drum?
Now your dream becomes true!
Arto helps you to create your very own drum.

If You have neck or back problems or feel repressed emotions, Veet Mano can help You.

Let’s dance yourself free. Get rid of your daily problems and shake the dust of your feet. Make an action when You feel it.

Make a reservation for a session: +372 5383 8600