Sky and Earth centre

Dear all,

We need your advice, good ideas, support and aid.
We need your attention!

Sky and Earth centre is a welfare centre, which comprises under one roof all techniques, therapies and aids, which do not qualify as medial care but throughout ages have been known as acknowledged methods of remedies helping people all over the world.

Our centre is unique in Estonia because we work together with such people who, as a team, want to cooperate and contribute their knowledge into helping people. We are always available also for those people who cannot keep  going on their own any more and have no means to seek for help.

All therapists in the centre are top specialists in their area, who have acquired  training and qualifications for working with people and have the corresponding certificates and diplomas.

Sky and Earth centre is moving onto new and bigger premises as it is necessary to expand the activity. The new centre on two floors comprises  520 m2.

T-centre has been acting for more than 4 years by now and we have managed economically quite well. We want to develop independently in the future but now we need help to furnish our new premises.
Dear friend, hereby we apply for your help!

We want to create the new centre in cooperation so that everyone who comes to us  feels at home.

In the new centre we need and ask you for help:
to find furnishing into therapy rooms, training halls and office premises. Accessories make clients feel more comfortable and the helpers can work better. (See a more detailed list and information together with explanation here.)

Rugs 30-50 pc

Lamb skins 30-50 pc (we want to use only natural materials if possible and not to sit on synthetic materials)

2 big TV screens (for showing mandalas in relaxation rooms and watching study programs/films)

4 massage tables

1 wheel chair

A couch and a table (for clients in the waiting room with 4-5 seats and a coffee table)

100 wooden coat hangers in the cloakroom (we need durable wooden coat hangers, not the plastic ones)

A work station for a secretary

A reception desk and chair for the administrator

4 work places (a table, a chair, drawers, a shelf)

Shelves into the shop. (The shop is selling essential goods that cannot be obtained in Estonia.)

A table and 8-10 chairs in the lecture room

20-30 chairs in the big hall

A screen and projector, a sound system for training sessions

A stove and a ventilation device, a dish washer and a fridge. Rooms are available. We want to organise different workshops to make natural soaps, crèmes for those who cannot get the specific ones in shops, provide diet counselling, handicraft, etc. and many interesting and essential activities.

Big and luscious pot plants and flowers are welcome.

We are thankful for clean and representative items for the centre. We do not need anything luxurious. We prefer simple, comfortable, cosy, high-quality and durable items.

We are thankful for financial transactions as well.

We can thank all supporters publicly and also anonymity is guaranteed.

Additional information about the centre and the people
It is possible to become familiar with the accounting of the centre. We act in conformity with the legislation (as much as it is possible in our area in this country). The income report is slightly positive but earning profit is not our main aim. We expect the centre can earn additional income in the future.

For using profit we have our special plans.

We want:
To find additional possibilities for further training of therapists because new discoveries are constantly made and better opportunities for working with people are invented.

We also want to contribute into relaxation. We want to be able to go on power trips around the world to improve ourselves mentally, broaden our world view and relax in pleasant company. In October we plan to go on a power trip to Israel – the ancient source of knowledge and energy with picturesque nature and exciting hiking trails.

Aim of the centre
To provide people in need corresponding services and enable them a more affordable  service than provided by the local market. The affordable price is achieved by cutting expenses not by lowering the quality.

Therapists and helpers of the centre
In the world there are many centres, schools and universities where participants are taught the knowledge of our predecessors, the ancient wise men and remedies for helping and curing people found in the nature.

Our centre unites such kind of therapists who have contributed their time and resources to acquire that specific knowledge, and have seriously devoted themselves to helping people and improving oneself and obtaining new knowledge.

We work together with active and good people who understand that we can give our best only by working and contributing together. United power guarantees success.

Future plans
Currently we are moving and expanding but do not forget our future plans for a moment. Our glances are directed farther and towards bigger goals. We are planning a new major centre to accommodate all people willing to create something bigger and more powerful. We deserve it!

For donors
Dear all that help to create a new centre

  • You will experience the pleasant feeling in your soul that you are a part of major power that helps people who are in trouble
  • You will be the first to learn how we develop and how many people have been helped and how you are a part of it
  • You can improve your life quality – you will be among the first too learn about new techniques and opportunities that reach us from the wide world
  • You will be loved – thank you.

Dear …………

I will send you some information that is very important to me. I want to share it with you and draw your attention to it.

We are creating the first and a very important welfare centre in Estonia/Tallinn. I am connected with it and will be dealing with the charity projects of the centre.

I want you to join this big and fascinating energy created by us together and will become a part of it. Creating the centre requires help and I expect you to help and support us.

The Universe favours the creation of this centre and I believe that we all will become a little better as people and feel the joy in our hearts that we have given our small share into becoming a better person and feel in our hearts that we have contributed into something big and helping people on professional level.

That is why I started to help them, follow their activity and try to be as useful as possible.

Currently we are collecting means for the establishment of the centre.

Premises are available and contracts are concluded. We do not have the necessary furnishing so that people could get affordable help quickly and the helpers can provide help better.

Let me know if you support us or need additional information. If you want to become a major supporter and accomplish something bigger, I can take you meet the entire team.

If you want to see the accounting documents and become familiar with the management of financial issues, I can take you to meet the accountants.

Sky and Earth centre is rather popular; the people working there are gifted and powerful women. Local newspapers write about us and broadcasts about us are on TV.

I invite you to help weaker people together with us.